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Untitled by Mandartania

Prince of Elves, I swagger with a look,
Melt you with my sure sex intention.
I am sprite, right-walker, sheer talker,
Gazer to the distance, encompasser of
You within this casual, thinking glance.
I take you in and win you and make you
Begin to thrill, throb, wet, get ready.
I am magic-eyes, fine face, elf prince.
You are within my empowering. I shall
Make us better by our blending, unending.

Poem by Shentoncarrington

This is what the love child of Thranduil and Maxie Neu would look like… I used Maxie as a face reference for this pic.

A Bottle of Inspiration by Mandartania

She is breath to me; she is life.
I thrive on her brilliance, her star-like
Shine. She is mine: I enclose her
In this vessel, this prison, this vial.
Bottle inspiration for a sip each day:
She is my captive, my treasure, my
Exhibit, my pet. And yet, she evades
Me, exceeds me, leads me on to higher
Things. This glass, this image, the hope
Is a dream. She is free, flying, extreme.
I am chasing her shadow, endlessly.

Poem by shentoncarrington

I am Machine by Mandartania

"I am Machine"

I am machine: my admiration is mathematical,
My wishes computed. I rust love, but do not feel.
It is inevitable that I should think well of you,
Because you conform to every pattern that is
Explicable and exact. My intellect interrogates
Your beauty and follows only its duty in saying
That you are fitting, fine, extraordinary. I am
Responding to an algorithm, which calculates
That I should love you, if only I knew what love was.
I await instruction: teach me how to emote; teach
Me what a creature would do when faced with you.
Equations are my life: you add up to the infinite,
The possible, the if only, the might …

Word porn by shentoncarringon

Drawing of Andrej as Cyborg Princess

St Sebastian by Mandartania

St Sebastian

Oh languid beauty with pouted lip,
Sebastian dies indifferent to arrows
Of lustful fortune. His beauty disdains
Your desire. He will expire like sleeping,
Like slipping easily into sleep. So heavy
Is his gorgeousness: it weighs upon him
Like an ache, a bruise, a bondage.
Injure me with love, martyr, muse,
Miracle of sex and sensitive thought.
I ought only to love your secret self.

Poem by Shentoncarrington

A sketch of Sylvester Ulv Henriksen. This one is dedicated to Vispreeve with love.

If my muse was an Egyptian princess by Mandartania

Egypt’s dangering princess,
She dares the serpent with
Her fierce eyes. She will not
Be denied. Her will is like
Isis in search of her lover:
She claims what she aims for
And nothing can prevent her
Achievement. She is the sun
Bronzing the Nile; she is the
Sphinx, killing with a smile.
She is the secret that the
Pyramids obscure. She is all
Allure, all that is ancient and
Unknown. She ascends her throne.

Poem by shentoncarrington

Elf prince he is, like eglantine, like herbs:
He lives as he breathes as he flourishes.
This world he owns by nature’s gift: ancient
He is as hill and wood and stream’s meander.
He wanders where he will, and sees a future
Time of sweet, harmonious knowing, where nature
Is afforded elfinesque respect. Creature of the wilderness,
He is butterfly, bee, bird on the wing: he is of
The soil and of the sky and of the wind’s mild
Billowing. Elf prince is he, and ever shall be.

Poem by my dear shentoncarrington

A drawing inspired by my muse and the poem I requested from my wicked friend in crime, shentoncarrington.

Alice has grown up with riddles in her eyes.
She frowns at crowns and cats and
Games. She is transformed, reversed,
Tricked and teased, but the rabbit
Skips on, and Alice skips after
In frills and petticoats and lace,
Her vintage taste, her queer cosplay.
Alice is sugar and violets and doubts.
She steps lively where curious
Thinking is winking at her, saucily.
Alice as woman, as triumph: Alice
Is exceeding her beginning. Alice
Is colour and costume and craze.
Alice is winning profoundly; Alice
Is music made person; Alice is
All life could be.

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